Can Help To Buy … Help Me?

You have probably heard by now about the new government initiative called Help To Buy, which is aimed at getting more people out of rented accommodation and able to purchase a property and get on the housing ladder. The scheme works by working along side mortgage lenders to bridge the gap where a deposit would traditionally be needed.

The scheme allows potential homeowners to borrow up to 95% of the properties value in total, and is applicable to properties valued up to £600,000.


The government has agreed that it will guarantee up to 15 per cent of the cost of the loan, however with just £12bn from the government put into the scheme, property experts are asking whether or not this will last and whether it is a good idea. Below we have answered some of the questions our blog readers have been asking us, and hopefully we have answered any questions that you may have on your mind about Help To Buy.

Will The £12bm From The Government Run Out?

This is really the question on everyone’s mind, but really it is too soon to tell. It depends on how many mortgage lenders sign up for the scheme, and also how many buyers are accepted.

How Many Lenders Have Signed Up So Far?

To this date 3 lenders have signed up to the scheme. The first 2, Lloyds, which owns Halifax, and Royal Bank of Scotland, which owns NatWest are two banks that are backed by the government, so it is not surprising that they signed up. The third lender to sign up is Aldermore.

What Will Happen To House Prices?

House prices have and will continue to rise, purely due to demand. This is all dependent on the level of funding that the government is willing to lend out.

If you are at all concerned about Help to Buy, whether you are a potential buyer, or a current home owner looking to sell, you can get free information on the scheme here Help To Buy.

There is also free information available at, or on a mobile try who are a UK house buying company that provide a very good blog about house prices and the UK housing market.

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